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A fairytale wedding is built on many small details that make it unique in all senses

Luxury Wedding

We organize luxury weddings relying on contracts with the best firms and the most credited professionals in the sector!


The most beautiful landscape is the one you see with the eyes of a loved one...
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“and I would create a beautiful world for you, to offer you all the good on earth...”
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Our line of products are unique in the world! Thanks to our partners we will satisfy all your requests.
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I take pride in being able to give body to a couple’s dreams for a marvelous wedding...
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is your dream to have your wedding in a breathtaking and romantic landscape? In a beautiful garden? By the sea?

If you favour elegance and dream to wear a beautiful dress, surrounded by lovely flower’s arrangements, for a wedding that will surprise your guests, then we are in tune with each other!

Call me to discover my ideas for your special day; I suggest you call for an appointment in advance with respect to the wedding date, so that all details can be studied and organized with the due attention! Thank you!

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Sabina Lubelli

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I love reading people’s heart, because only knowing what they feel, I can understand what is important to them

"Think and dream a lot, open eyed...I take pride in making become real our spouses dreams with the same passion, attention and involvement as if they were my own". Our main task at LIBE is to plan and put into practice our ideas, in order to arrange the best wedding that will be a perfect event in its uniqueness. We will always do our best to meet all the spouses' requests and to build a trusting relation with all our clients.


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