Sardinia Wedding

“...Unu mundu bellissimu pro tene Pro poder dispensare cada bene”

“...and I would create a beautiful world for you, to offer you all the good on earth”

Lying at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, steeped in a wild and unique environment, with its contrasts, its lights and colours

The land of the “4 Moors” is an ancient land, generous and hospitable, of deep rooted traditions, where legend and history, religion, popular beliefs and superstitions melt together from the beginning of time. This land will welcome you like a mother, stunning you with the scents of Mediterranean vegetation, the myrtle and the lentisk, the arbutus and the juniper. It will protect you with its granite and cliffs, it will offer you the most beautiful landscapes your eyes have yet to see.

The sea will cradle you with its melodies, will send you the mistral with the fragrance of the pine tree and its resins, the morning scents will be a caress to your awakening, and it will seduce you with its seemingly fire lit sunsets. The sea will come to long beaches and beautiful rocks that will leave you speechless, creating natural locations where dreams become real.

Non Potho Reposare

My desire is to hug and kiss you, to pour my soul into your heart...

“Non Potho Reposare“ a verse from a beautiful Sardinian poem “ a diosa” written in 1915 by the poet from Sarule Badore Sini, and put into music by the maestro Giuseppe Rachel.

Will render you lighthearted with its wines and its aroma that beholds the perfumes of this land and the secret of longevity.

The poet GABRIELE D’ANNUNZIO, during one of his many trips to the island, wrote enthusiastically of the NEPENTE di Oliena, a marvelous type of Cannonau. Of my land, you will keep the most valuable treasure, your memory full of colours and unique scents, flavours never tasted before and fantastic and wild landscapes

Your hearts will be filled with a deep feeling that will tie you to this land forever, and you will want to come back, as you will feel part of it.
You won’t leave lightheartedly!

No one that feels deeply for life will be able to leave without taking in his soul a bit of this land. No one that feels deeply for life will be able to go away without leaving here a piece of his heart.

Sabina Lubelli