"I take pride in being able to give body to a couple’s dreams for a marvelous wedding"

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Wedding Planner & Designer

Our main task at LIBE is to plan and put into practice our ideas, in order to arrange the best wedding that will be a perfect event in its uniqueness. We will always do our best to meet all the spouses' requests and to build a trusting relation with all our clients.

We develop and realize original ideas

In tune with the spouses requests, and bringing into play their personal history, for a wedding that will satisfy their expectations and make them live a happy fairytale. An event the memory of which will stay with all. We are proud to be able to count on the help of highly qualified professionals and selected craftsmen, that will give body to the exclusive projects designed for the event.

Libe Luxury Wedding
Libe Luxury Wedding

Wedding Planner

  • My presence and that of my work team Is guaranteed throughout the whole event.
  • Our services and relation with the spouses are protected by a legal contract.
  • it will be essential to know you and understand your needs and your wishes for your wedding ceremony Since our first meeting.
  • Detailed creation of a timeline.
  • I will be a constant presence, at your disposal 24 hrs a day.
  • The couple will be able to visit the location, meet the suppliers of services and goods and make any questions, always counting on my support.
  • Detailed planning of budget and logistics.
  • Collection of all projects that have been produced to be sent by land mail as well as through electronic means.
  • Management of guests arrival.
  • Representation In All dealings with suppliers. Selection and management of all contracts.

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Sabina Lubelli

Wedding Designer

  • Whole design development.
  • Study of the mood and style that will characterize the event.
  • Detailed Development of the wedding, which the designers will take as guideline to develop their work.
  • Realization of the sets and spaces.
  • Floral sets.
  • Furnishings and tables design.
  • Lights.
  • Cadeaux de mariage.
  • Wedding cake and sweet table.

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Sabina Lubelli