"We can dream by ourselves, but if we dream together reality begins"

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Libe, history of the name

Libe is the short name by which I used to call my maternal grandmother, Liberata. The flower symbol of my agency, the Peony, was one the her favorite flowers in the garden, and many of my memories are tied to it. Beautiful and romantic flower, is not a coincidence that it symbolizes love and prosperity. It is also a symbol of affection, bravery and pure soul. With the rose is the flower most offered to the loved ones

bottone sardo

LIBE organizes luxury weddings counting on the collaboration of the best suppliers and most credited professionals in Sardinia and Italian’s territory.

Even for my education I have wanted the best.

I followed the courses and obtained qualifications at the ENZO MICCIO’S ACADEMY, a real icon in the sector and much more; master of style, class and elegance. The same respect I owe to ROBERTA TORRESAN,  her courses have been fundamental for me, she indicated the path to follow, giving me solid bases from which to start and work.

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Sabina Lubelli