Sabina Lubelli

Wedding Planner & Designer

“Any person is worth the time that they dedicate to you”

I am the creator, manager and sole owner of Libe.

They say of me that I am communicative, funny, loving and lovable. I say I am intuitive, creative, romantic and a big dreamer, determined and a perfectionist. No filters, I say what I think because I don’t like being complacent and because I thrive on real smiles.

Sabina Lubelli
Wedding planner

Think and dream a lot, open eyed...I take pride in making become real our spouses dreams with the same passion, attention and involvement as if they were my own

There is a lot of joy and gratification doing this, to know to have contributed to someone s happiness, a fairytale to live, not only to dream. To create indelible memories.

A fairytale wedding is built on many small details that make it unique in all senses. I focus on the ideas on the table, in order to give life to a project that will satisfy the requirements. A wedding that be unique in its innovation, class and elegance


The success of an event is not only due, in my opinion, to the search for the best solutions, but also rests on the ability of the service giver, to listen with attention and involvement to the couple that is confiding in us.

To reach the objective, to realize the dream, the happiness of the spouses, they make for long lasting relationships, based on respect and affection. It is essential therefore for me to listen carefully in order to reach a positive result.

I love reading people’s heart, because only knowing what they feel, I can understand what is important to them.

Sabina Lubelli

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