The Janas

In this land where legends, imagination, religion and popular traditions are very much linked together and form a deep bond which has been passed down from one generation to another, we can find a fantastic world whose inhabitants are the Janas, legendary and mythical fairies.

They were incredibly beautiful and clever little women, whose delicate and sensitive skin didn’t allow them to stay under the sun rays. this is the reason why they were used to going out only during the night, radiating a very bright light. They were usually red dressed and they wore silver embroidered handkerchiefs over their heads and necklaces of gold filigree. They lived in the so-called “DOMUS DE JANAS“, very small houses caved inside rocks, from which they always left after midnight.

Under the moonlight they wove and embroidered wonderful cloths using beautiful golden looms. The silence of the night was broken by their lovely voices and by their charming chants and songs that they sang while weaving their precious filigree.
According to the legend Janas created the very first jewels, like the typical Sardinian wedding ring, which is made by weaving a thin gold thread.

Through its weaving a magical spell was cast to keep the couple together for the rest of their lives. But this is another story we will tell you later on…

Sabina Lubelli

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